About Us

Meaning & History of NASFAT Atlanta:

NASFAT stands for; Nasrul Lahi-il Fathi Society. Meaning; There is no help, except from Allah.

The quest for Islamic knowledge and brotherly association led to the forum where Muslims faithful’s came together to rub minds with learned Islamic scholars to know more about the religion favored by Almighty Allah – ISLAM.

The aim is to maximize favorably the leisure time that exists amongst Muslims who laze away Sunday mornings. The need to spend these precious leisure hours judiciously arose amongst a few Muslim elites in Nigeria who rose to the challenge. Consequently, on Sunday, March 5, 1995, the society named Nasrul-Lahi-il Fathi Society with the acronym NASFAT has its inaugural prayer session at the residence of one of its pioneer president in Nigeria.

The society through the unflinching support of Almighty Allah (SWT) and hard work on the part of the Executives, the Council of Elders, the Mission Board, coupled with the unrelenting cooperation of devoted members, has been growing from strength to strength. The membership strength of the society, which at inception was less than twenty, has grown into thousands of Muslim faithful’s from multi- various fields of human endeavors in different cities and towns in Nigeria and all over the world.

Hence, NASFAT Atlanta was formed in the year 2003 with the efforts of our dear brothers and sisters and also the leadership of Hajj Hakeem Dosumu. May Allah reward all their efforts and grant them Jannah. Now that we know what NASFAT stand for, it is now easy to understand why we are here today.

NASFAT Atlanta Mission:

  • “To develop an enlightened Muslim society, nurtured by a true understanding of Islam for the spiritual uplift and welfare of mankind”.
  • Our mission also implies that we shall strive towards the development of an enlightened Muslim society. Our activities will be aimed at the spiritual development of Muslims and their welfare. We focus on helping the Muslim Ummah to develop a true understanding of Islam according to the Tenets of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah.
  • Our programs are multi-dimensional and are aimed at the general well-being and development of members and the society at large. The programs can be broadly categorized as spiritual, economic, social and educational.